New Year, New Beginnings

New Year, New Beginnings: It is always the best way to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your loved ones, far away from the world, from the crowd, from the pollution, from the noise. Trekking is one of my favourite hobby. Camping on top of jivdhan fort and seeing the first sunrise of New Year of 2016 was absolutely beautiful.

Mediterranean Beauty

Mediterranean Beauty: summer is always the best time to visit Europe. These ancient windmills are the symbol of the island of Mykonos, Greece.
Located above the “little Venice” area of the island, this place is one of the dream destination in Europe for travelers.

First Light

First Light: out for a road trip on a chilly Sunday morning in February 2015, we decided to go boating in the backwaters of a dam near Bhigwan, Pune.
This photo of flamingoes was clicked right at sunrise, when the rays make the water look orange and yellow.


The royal walk

The royal walk: clicked on 28th march 2015 on my morning safari to Tadoba Andhari Tiger reserve. This is a huge male tiger known as “Katezari Male”.
We could see him resting in the bush near the road. Waited patiently for half an hour and suddenly the deer and monkey got alert. He stood up and crossed the road right in front of our gypsy.
This photo was selected as “national geographic top shot” on 24th July 2015.